Being Busy Vs. Productive: Getting Stuff Done

As a former owner of a tree service and entrepreneur with many other businesses, I know a little bit about being productive versus being busy. While they may sound somewhat the same, they are quite a bit different.

Busy people act like they are getting stuff done, and they may be. But at the same time they are also doing minimal tasks that could possibly be eliminated all together. Instead of majoring in the minors, it’s better to use you focus to become massively productive a a couple of little things that will end up making a big difference later on.

As humans, we only have so much focus and energy, so we have to learn how to use them wisely. This is the only way I can explain how I reached the levels of success that I did. Rather than stretching myself too thin and expecting too much at a time, I took a different route and did a little bit each day; less but better. Again, the results from this method were massive in comparison to trying to do too much at once.

This is a form of perfectionism, and with that attitude you will more than likely not go anywhere fast. Trust me. I was once caught up in this cycle for far too long and it delayed my success by years.


If you want to succeed in business, it’s important to focus on doing your one thing each and every day rather than trying to do a lot at once.

This way, you will get more done in smaller, more manageable increments that will slowly add up over time.

Just think of the old saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

You can’t build a successful business overnight. It takes time and hard work, but in a short period of time can yield massive results.


No Longer Too Busy to Blog

Wow, it’s already been well over a month since I blogged here on Oh Dave. And look, I have only written one post. No wonder this blog isn’t getting very much traffic!

Reason being: I am so busy. Even though I sold off my tree service, I still have many new ventures that are keeping me on my feet. Sleep is scarce and I haven’t even had time for a date lately. If you have noticed, I am a workaholic. After all these years of running businesses, it’s become a habit of mine but a good one at that.

What I am basically trying to say is that I am now going to have more time to contribute to this blog. Yelp, my little lonely post on the first page will finally have some more friends.

I’m not 100% sure what I will be talking about on here most of the time, but I will start to figure it out. This post is just a buffer to announce that this blog will finally be growing instead of just sitting and looking pretty.

From Tree Removal to Total Freedom

I have always had the entrepreneurial bone in my body and always followed the feeling by starting many different kinds of businesses of my own.

Most recently, I was the owner of a successful tree removal company in Nashville, TN called Nashville Tree Tacklers, which I sold to another guy in the area, but I just got plain tired of it. We were always booked which was wonderful, but it still felt like I was always working for someone else other than myself.

The good news is that I now totally work for myself and have the total freedom that I have always wanted.

With tree removal, I had to leave my home to go and perform my services for my customers, hire a lot of guys to work for me, buy a shit ton of tree servicing equipment, and a whole lot more.

Nowadays, I provide services to my customers at home through online marketing and helping businesses in the area with their online presence so they can bring in more customers, leads, and sales. It’s the coolest thing in the whole wide world!

I loved my tree removal company and didn’t want to sell it, but it just didn’t align with my dreams and goals to keep it. I’m so excited that I still get to do something very close to the job because I still get to work with my community, along with some of the other business owners in the area that I have been buddies with for years. I don’t know where else you are going to find something that worked out as well as that.

The even better part is that I am still pretty tight with the guy that bought my tree removal business from me, and he’s already expressed interest about me taking care of his online work for him. As someone coming straight from the industry, I know how competitive it is as well as how large the Nashville area is. The crazy thing is that it’s still growing, so there is so much potential.

I tell this story as the first post on my new blog so that everyone out there can see what happens when you believe that anything is possible, and when you develop enough courage to follow your passion. There are too many people out there these days that think they are stuck in a job they hate and that’s just not true.

If a guy like me can take on a plethora of different jobs in his life, including owning a large and healthy tree removal service, then anyone can do it.

All you have to do is just stay inspired and believe in yourself. Always. No matter what your inner voice or anyone else in your life tells you. In most instances, it’s all a lie anyhow.