How to Plan a Happening Birthday Party for Adults

How to Plan a Happening Birthday Party for Adults

To get the new version of the website started off right, we wanted to create a simple article/checklist that you can use to plan a basic birthday party for a group of adults. Obviously, these tips can used as a foundation for parties for all ages, but they work best for adults as most children tend to get bored after the sweets and other good foods are gone.

Here is a step-by-step list for planning a birthday bash that is bound to make a splash.


#1.) Decide on a Budget
It’s best to first decide on a budget so you can determine how much you can spend and on what. Will your event need streamers, balloons, a clown, dancers, bartenders, party hats, alcohol or any other kind of decorations or entertainment? It’s best to make a list of everything you plan to have at the party, then narrow them down by importance.

#2. ) Choose a Theme
Select a theme for your event according to the taste of who it’s actually for. We always like to relate the theme to a favorite thing of the star of the party, and they generally like that as well. Whether it’s a casino party, surprise party, indoor, or outdoor party, select fiesta favors and entertainment that stick to the theme.

#3.) Make a Guest List
After determining a budget you should have a better idea of how many people you can support an event for. Decide if the party will stick to family and friend, co-workers, ladies only or a mixture of both. It’s usually best to plan around the maximum number of guests to ensure you will have enough food and seating for everyone. A crowded get together doesn’t always last for very long…

#4.) Pick a Party Destination
Once you know how many people your party is going to possibly have, you can now look for a place to comfortably accommodate all of your guests. Most importantly, make sure you have enough tables and chairs and look into renting them if you don’t. Pick an optimal location that you can be sure will take care of all of your party needs.

#5.) Send Your Invitations
The fun begins early- it’s time to send out your invitations! A good rule of thumb is to send these babies out 4-6 weeks in advance so your guests will have time to plan and purchase a gift. Texting should serve as more of a reminder rather than a replacement of the invitation, but to each his or her own.

#6.) Plan Your Menu
Now it’s time to decide what food you want to have at the event. If you know the favorite food of the person you’re planning the event for things get easy and you can grow your menu from there. Once you know whether you want a full meal or just finger foods, decide whether you want to make everything yourself or have it catered.

#7.) Throw Some Fun Into Your Theme
Now that you have your guest list, location, menu and everything else in place so far, it’s time to throw in some fun. Depending on your chosen theme, there can be a nice list of games and other entertainment to go with it. If you plan on having music at your party, go ahead and put together a playlist for the big day.

#8.) Now for Decorations!
A birthday isn’t complete without decorations, even if it is a party for adults. Party planning stores are great for find cute and cheap decor as well as plates, silverware and other favors for the food you have planned.

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