Continued: 5 More Summer Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

Continued: 5 More Summer Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

We are back again and here for part two of our mini-series on Summer birthday party ideas for kids. If you missed part one, be sure to check it out here when you get a chance.  And now for part 2!

Some very cool ideas and themes for birthday parties have already been mentioned but don’t worry, we’ve got a handful of more great ideas to make your child’s party a splash.

1.) Photos for Everyone

What more fun could the kids at a party have than dressing up in costumes and posing for silly pictures? Photo booths have become huge hits at birthday parties and the great news is that instead of renting one, you can create your very own for rather cheap and easy.

Backgrounds, props, and costumes can be created from leftover cardboard and small favors from party stores. Just get creative, the possibilities are endless. Even better news, you don’t need to hire some fancy photographer or go out and buy an expensive camera of your own. Using a simple tripod fit, you can position a smart phone or tablet in front of the camera and there you have it – a fun photo booth that your child and all of their friends will greatly enjoy and remember for years.

2.) Bring on the Outdoors

Most gets love to run around outside and enjoy what nature has to offer. If you want part of your kid’s party to have some physical activity to it, consider creating a cool obstacle course. You can use old cardboard boxes here as well and have mazes, slides, tires to track through, strings to maneuver past, and well, we think you’re starting to get the picture. Keep it fun, yet simple.

If you need some ideas for creating your own obstacle course outdoors, we highly suggest diving into this article.

3.) Ride a Slide

We mentioned having a water slide in our first post of this series, but this slide is slightly different. Instead of using tires and medicine balls to cruise down the slip-n-slide, kids can just use themselves.

Grab a large water -proof tarp or drop cloth, some buckets of water or hosepipe, and some u-shaped garden stakes to keep the slide in place. With these things, you can create the ultimate water slide for less, yet much more fun.

4.) Super Cool Sports

Many kids are into sports, especially when they can do it while interacting with friends. Others may be into games. Either way with this next one, you can kill two birds with one stone.

Using a tarp, some colorful duct tape, and markers, you can create your own type of sports/carnival game of football, basketball, even soccer.

5.) Breaking Balloons

Speaking of carnival games, didn’t you always like the one where you threw a dart or other object at a wall with balloons attached to it? Guess what, you can bring one of your own to the party! If your kids enjoy too of course. 😉 You call fill these balloons with water or even candy or other type of treat.

You’re going to need a small shop vac and some pvc pipe to aid in getting the candy inside. For water, using a funnel seems to work best.

As always, we hope you have enjoyed these ideas and can utilize them during the planning of your next birthday party for a child.

What kind of ideas have you used in the past that made a big splash?

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