5 Cute Ideas for Toddler Birthday Parties

5 Cute Ideas for Toddler Birthday Parties

Toddlers are just the right age to start enjoying birthday parties and the fun they bring.

As much as you probably want to throw the perfect party for your toddler, it’s okay to relax. Your child will more than likely be content at this age as long as they have good food, company, and entertainment. Your toddler isn’t quite the structured creature yet, so you shouldn’t have a problem with pickiness at this age. Keep it simple, and you will have a successful birthday party for toddlers on your hands.

But just in case, here are 5 helpful tips for making your toddlers party the best.


#1.) Let them Choose the Theme

Your toddler have already started to make decisions by this age, so letting them choose their own party theme is a great way to grow their decision making skills, and even their confidence.

#2.) Keep the Guest List Small

The last thing you want to do is overwhelm your toddler by having a lot of people show up. Try keeping the list around 5 kids or less to keep your party calm and much less of a mess.

#3.) Plan the Party Around Naptime

Toddlers can be clingy one minute and on a independent streak the next. Having your party after nap time can reduce chances of these meltdowns occurring, and give your toddler all the energy they need to fully enjoy their birthday party.

#4.) Try to Avoid Entertainers

This is the age where we can’t really be sure if entertainers such as clowns, magicians, or other could scare toddlers at the party. Not only are these strangers, but some may wear costumes or masks that can be quite the scare.

#5.) Arrange Seating for the Kids

Set up a seating area strictly for the kids such as a small table with chairs or picnic table.To make things more interesting, cover the table with a large white sheet of paper or cloth you don’t care about, for the kids to color on.

Food Ideas for Kids Birthday Parties

And if you are stuck on ideas for your toddler’s birthday party as well, check out the video below for some ideas.

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