Birthday Party Ideas, Decorations Included

Birthday Party Ideas, Decorations Included

We may have experience in the photo booth rental space, but really we like the idea of a DIY photo booth too. If you don’t want to go to the trouble of renting a photo booth or don’t want to spend the money on renting one, making one for yourself seems like the next best thing.

But it doesn’t stop there…

With any good photo booth rental comes decorations and props, or at least a background to shoot pictures in front of.

The beauty of creating your own photo booth is that you can choose the type(s) of background you want and utilize it. Believe it or not, wrapping paper can work just fine for a background and as you know, it comes in all kind of colors, shades, and varieties. Blankets and sheets make fine backdrops too. For kids, using sheets with popular cartoons characters typically prove to be a success.

You can find all kinds of decorations and many kinds of props online and on or at your local Party City or other form of party supply store. eBay also has many props for cheap that come in packages. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just use your creativity. Just like Sarah from SoCraftastic:


And what’s a birthday party without treats?

Sarah also shares how to make special treats that will stand out at any birthday party.

We hope that you enjoyed this instructional post for making your own party decorations and treats that are certain to please.

What kind of DIY preparations have you made for a birthday party?

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