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5 Sizzling Summer Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

5 Sizzling Summer Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

It’s great to be a kid with a birthday in the Summer. It seems like there are more options for party themes and locations as opposed to Winter, and of course the weather adds for a lot more to do.

In our post today, we thought it would be fun to share some of our more successful birthday party ideas for kids that are unique in their own ways. These ideas will give you child’s party a different kind of theme that you may never even seen before, making the party even more special and fun.

A lot of these are such nifty ideas that we decided to turn this into a two part post so we could really get down to the nitty gritty and make them more consumable. So without further ado, let’s get started with part one.

1.) Angry Birds
Angry Birds was certainly a popular game about two to three years ago, but it’s still going strong. If your child still loves the Angry Birds, create you own bean bag toss around the theme. Your kids will love throwing these homemade bean bags with the birds, pigs, and other neat faces you will be painting onto them.

This is where you will want to get creative, but using cardboard boxes and packaging supplies tend to work the best. We suggest checking out this more detailed post on creating this game, as it goes into better detail that you just can’t miss.

2.) Wipeout
Create a wipeout course for your kids party, as seen on the actual show called Wipeout.For this you will need a slip-n-slide or large tarp that is able to serve the same purpose. You can always just rent these from your local party event rental store. You will also need some soap, a hose, and red medicine balls that are just small enough for kids to ride on.

You are going to need a tire as well so that the ball will safely fit inside the middle of the tire. You may want to always do a double check before letting the kids try them, but now you have the ultimate slip-n-slide for everyone at the party to enjoy.

3.) Bubbles
Make a homemade human bubble game with a kiddie pool, a hula hoop, and some bubbles. We think you get the idea on this one but we will suggest that if you want your bubbles to be really big, fix the mixture the night before so you can enjoy maximum bubble strength.

4.) Water Balloon Pinata 
Ready to make your kid’s party a total splash? Let everyone cool down in one of the coolest ways around by creating cheap and easy to make water balloon pinatas. All you will need aside from the balloon are funnel, stick or bat, and garden hose and bam, you’re ready to spark up some fun.

5.) Painting
Sure you can hire a face painter, or you can let kids be the painters themselves in a slightly different kind of way. Give the kids a giant blank painting board and a paint brush, and let their creative sides shine through. Painting boards can get a little pricey, so flattened cardboard boxes can do just as good.

We hope you will get quite the kick out of the summer party ideas for kids. Stay tuned for part two to see what other kinds of hip and happening ideas we have for you.