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5 Fly Ideas for Making Kid’s Birthday Parties Bounce With Fun

5 Fly Ideas for Making Kid’s Birthday Parties Bounce With Fun



Kids birthday parties are always fun, but there are lots of ways to bounce them onto a whole new level of cool. These our one of all of our favorites types of parties and love each opportunity we have to plan one. In all our years of party planning, we have constantly been progressing with new activities and games that will hold the interest of children while holding back from spending a ton of their parents money on a party budget.

Because of this, we decided to create this post for you today that will share some of the most successful party activities we have used in the past that our clients and their guests absolutely loved. We hope you will enjoy and find some of them useful enough to use at your child’s next birthday party.

#1.) Classic Party Games

You can never go with good old games that everyone enjoys playing. Pin the tail on the donkey has been known as the all-time classic as we still see kids get a kick out it to this day. You can also never go wrong with hop-scotch, bean bag tosses, music chairs, sports games and so many more. Refer to this guide for more ideas for birthday party games.

#2.) Party Rentals

These include inflatable castles, bounce houses, slides and obstacle courses, concession rentals, basketball & baseball games and more. Party rentals may seem a little on the expensive side but if you’re throwing a party for a large group of kids, at least one of these are great for keeping them active all day, and having so much fun that they literally crash.

Parents and children alike will love the fun times with party rentals like inflatables. All that bouncing is great for getting in some exercise for the kids while parents will have the opportunity to snap some great photos. What a great way to jump into some awesome memories!

#3.) Party Entertainers

Whether it’s a clown, magician, face painter or musician, hiring an entertainer is a good way to keep kids interacted and a cool way to help them possible learn something new.

#4.) Rent a Photobooth or Create Your Own

Photo booths are the ultimate way to bring guests of every age together as you get to dress up in costumes, select your own props, and watch as everyone has a turn. Photo booths have become such a popular trend for parties because of how much fun people can have as a group. Even parents can jump in and enjoy a good time with their kids.

Learn how to make your own photobooth here , or watch this video for instructions.