How Accurate Are Yelp Reviews?

yelpYelp. People can’t seem to live without it, while many others are starting to wish they could. What exactly does this author mean by that? Well, allow me to explain throughout this article.

While Yelp is great for getting ideas for restaurants, shopping, local services, etc, it’s not to great for those companies that are subjected to unfair reviews. Don’t get me wrong, it’s wonderful that people can leave accurate reviews that genuinely reflect their good experience. But tons of people read these reviews and base most, if not all of their opinions off of reviews, and a good portion off of Yelp reviews alone. This is great, but leaves a lot of room open for abuse of the system.

Call me pessimistic, but doesn’t it seem a little unfair when an emotional, irate customer can spew their feelings into a review that is going to be seen my thousands of people over the coming years? I mean, how are we supposed to fully take a person’s word for it about their experience? There ARE two sides to each story. And what about the fact that any competitor can come along and leave an unpleasant review of another business in the area?

The point this author is trying to make, is that Yelp reviews are definitely not 100 percent accurate.

If you want to find an accurate review of a company online, you should look for other popular review sites as well, rather than just looking to Yelp for your sole answer.