Is Home Advisor a Good Source for Hiring Home Contractors?

There are many different ways to find a contractor online that is located in your area, but is Home Advisor one of them? That’s what we’re going to be talking about in today’s post.

If you haven’t heard of Home Advisor or seen their commercials on the television, it’s a website that screens home service providers, and only allows those that pass on be displayed on the site for customers to contact. This makes it easier for service providers to get in front of customers, but only by paying a fee for the listing each month.

In exchange, the business can pay to take on jobs of their choice when customers come to the website and type in what kind of contractor they’re looking to hire near their location. Customers can leave personal reviews from their actual experience for other Home Advisor participants to see.

In essence, Home Advisor is a middle many for connecting customers and service providers that they know they can trust. So the million dollar question is, is it a good source for hiring local contractors?

In short, the answer is a definite yes.

What Makes Home Advisor Trustworthy for Customers?

The simple fact alone that Home Advisor pre-screens any company before even allowing them to appear on the site is a sure sign that you will be hiring a contractor that you can trust. That automatically makes it one of the more trusted sites on the web for hiring service providers.

The thing that really separates the good companies from the bad is the online reviews. Customers can easily see how well the companies listed on Home Advisor have performed in the past and how well they work overall, according to other satisfied or even non-satisfied customers. The positive thing about these reviews is the fact that they are left by verified Home Advisor users and by any random person that can just come alone and create an account to leave a review at any time.

Home Advisor is indeed a good site for finding a contractor for any type of home service you need. You can basically look at it as a brother site of Angie’s List and Thumbtack in the sense that it helps connect customers to decent service providers that have already had due diligence on them so you can save time and not have to.

So whether you’re looking to hire a provider for a tree service, plumbing service, landscaping job or any other kind of home repair project you can think of, Home Advisor will be a helpful source for you.