5 Inexpensive Ideas for Planning a Graduation Party

5 Inexpensive Ideas for Planning a Graduation Party

Graduation is a big time in a person’s life, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a big job to plan great parties.

Whether you’re on a tight budget, don’t have the right amount of space, or simply cannot come up with any party ideas, where there’s a will there’s a way. And there are plenty of great ways to plan a graduation party, regardless of your circumstances at hand.

Here are 5 of our best ideas for planning a graduation party that will rock your graduate’s world and all of the people in it.

1.) Make your menu matter
When it comes to party food, what better way to make your graduate happier than to serve a menu full of their favorite foods? You can even base the menu around a theme, from the college they will be attending, a past memory, or any other significant event.

2.) Fun with food
This is where the fun really begins. There are hundreds if not thousands of graduation party recipes floating around the web these days, and simply not enough room to all list here. Check out this master list to catch the scoop. From cookies, to cakes, finger foods, and many varieties in between, there are many cool ideas that graduates will absolutely love.

3.) Make more memories
They say a picture is worth a thousand words and with this next party favor, your guests will be exclaiming more words than that.

Make your memories last longer in a special and unique way with a DIY photobooth. Create your own props, backgrounds, and costumes, and bring the whole group together for a fun time full of laughter and memories that will last forever. You can even share them with friends and family that couldn’t make the party on social media. With photo booths, the possibilities are virtually endless.

This is one of our favorites and have such a fun effect on people, that they are growing more and more popular as entertainment for parties of all kinds.

4.) Dazzle with decorations
Why buy boring old generic decorations when you could make some even cooler ones yourself? Yes, you sure can make your own streamers, tassels, and other party decorations that even trump the ones sitting on the shelves in retail stores. Some of our best ideas include:

  • Using yearbooks as table placements
  • Displaying framed photos of the grad in different locations around the party
  • Using a clothesline to hang photos on
  • Create graduation cap table centerpieces
  • Making your own tassels out of paper
  • We recommend checking out this happening site for more details on DIY party decorations.

5.) Location, location, location
It’s not about where the graduation is planned, but where they graduate would like for it to be planned. If your home isn’t the best fit or is too limited on room, find a venue or other simple spot that will comfortably fit the amount of guests invited.

​It can sometimes get pricey to rent a place out for a day or night, but often friends and other family members will have a place to offer. You can never go wrong with having a party outdoors, as long as the weather remains cooperative.

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