Party Planning Checklist: A Long-Term Checklist To Ease Challenges

Party Planning Checklist: A Long-Term Checklist To Ease Challenges


Planning a party can be exciting and fun, yet overwhelming at the same time.

Whether it’s a Christmas, birthday, Memorial Day, bachelorette, or again any other type of party you can think of, this list will serve you well as an assistant that will guide you along the way.

So here you go – a step-by-step list of what to do 2 months before your party all the way until 2 hours before.



2 Months Before

1.) Obviously, you want to decide on a date and place for your party.

If you have a hard time making decisons or change your mind easily, really take the time to plan this vital information so you don’t have to possibly spend more time and money re doing invitations and telling people alternative places to go.

2.) Choose a theme for your party. If you need some ideas to get your juices flowing, I suggest checking out Stylecaster.

3.) Decide on a budget includes an estimated cost of all of your supplies, within reason. You can do plenty of research online to get an idea of what your supplies will cost.

4.) Begin Brainstorming. Think of the type of food you want to serve, the decor, flowers, tables, arrangements, etc. Let your creativity flow by identifying unique and fun ideas that your guests will love.


3 Weeks Before

1.) Order the party favors you have narrowed down.

2.) Make sure you have enough supplies to cover the amount of guests you invited, plus their guests if you mentioned for them to invite any. For larger parties it’s usually best to rent your utensils and serving pieces.

3.) If you decided on any, order the flowers from your local florist. Grocery store floral departments sometimes have better deals, but possible lower quality work. Remember, it’s always best to do your research.

4.) Rent chairs, tables, and linens for the sufficient amount of guest invited.

5.) Probably the most important thing you have to do-mail or email the invitations.


2 Weeks Before

1.) Make a master shopping list. Now is the time to grab those last minute items and if you are doing the cooking, a master grocery list of the items you will need for your menu.

2.) If you’re doing the cooking, plan out the time it will take to make each dish to ensure that everything gets done on time.

3.) If possbile, go ahead and prepare your food items that can be kept frozen.


THE Week Before

​1.) Many adult parties aren’t complete without the liquor. If you haven’t already done it, obtain wine, beer, and/or liquor for your guest to sip on and enjoy. If you really want a crowd pleaser, throw in a small survery with your invitation and have them return it when the RSVP so will have a better idea for what to buy.

2.) What’s a party without music? Go ahead and set up a playlist now so you can keep rockin without stoppin.

3.) Follow up with any guest that has yet to RSVP.


2 Days Before

1.) Make sure your silverware and tableware are clean. If your renting, no worries.

​2.) Time to pick up any last minute grocery items.


THE Day Before

1.) If you have neighbors, be courteous and let them know there will be a lot of cars outside any some may possible park in front of their house. Wouldn’t you want to be informed if you we’re going to possibly have trouble getting in and out of your driveway?

2.) Prepare any food that can stay refrigerated and fresh, such as fruits, vegetable, beverages, and salads.

3.) Make sure the area of the party is nice, clean, and comfortable.


THE Day Of: 2 Hours Before

1.) Set tables or if you have hired a catering staff, step back and let them get to work. 🙂

2.) Check twice to make sure everything you planned is in place.

3.) Relax and breathe! Everything is going to be great!

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