4 Simple Rules for Throwing a Fabulous Dinner Party

4 Simple Rules for Throwing a Fabulous Dinner Party

Thowing a dinner party can be fun but when you are on a budget and pressed for time, things can start to lose their charm (at least until it’s time for the party to finally begin. Especially when you’ve got a family, career and plenty of other activities already filling your plate.

As a family and career woman, there have been plenty of times that I needed to put a party together quickly, whether it was for myself, a friend or even a last minute client. In my experiences and years of networking with others in the party/event planning field, I have narrowed down the best ways to get everything done in a timely an yet fashionable manner.

Here are 5 ways to keep your dinner party planning simple, satisfying and stree-free as possible.


1.) Make a Plan for Each and Every Day Leading Up to the Party

This is going to help you get all of your planning out of your head and onto paper to make focusing more easy. From everything you need to purchase from a grocery list, to the night of the party and the things in between, making a list certainly makes things easier.

When your list is complete, prioritze your list by the most important that needs to be completed first. Many things like recipes, flower arrangements and even music playlists can be set the day of or before, while cleaning tasks and other errands that may take longer should be given top priproty.

2.) Focus on Keeping Your Recipes Simple

Speaking of recipes, you want to keep things simple and avoid recipes that will take you will need to spend a lot of time on, unless of course you want to order catering instead. You don’t always need to plan for a 5-star dinner, and would be surpised at some of the recipes you can complete for cheap.

Stick with recipes that you are familiar with or have used before. The week before your party is no time to begin trying something new.

3.) Designate a Drink ‘Keeper’

Well, maker, not keeper. Many people enjoy having drinks at their parties and when these babies are in demand it can take much of your demand too. Designating a specific person to play bartender can save you time, energy and even create a new role for one of your party guests.

The drink keeper could be a friend, neighbor and spouse that keeps water glasses on the tables full, cocktails served and whatever type of beverages you’re offering flowing through the night.

4.) Keep Your Guest List Small

If you really want a party that’s quick and simple to plan, try keeping your list of guests small. Not only does this keep your party requirements manageable, but it ensures there will be enough room for everyone.

Also, it will save you time and money on food not to mention leave you with less leftovers if a few people aren’t able to make it. A good rule of thumb is to plan for no more than 6 dinner guests.

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