Welcome to Davey’s Party Place – the shortest, sweetest site on the web (besides Pinterest, duh) with tips for party planning. Here on the website, we like to share tidbits of tips we have consumed to make parties more fun. You’ll find ideas for spicing up dinner parties, blowing up birthdays, gearing up graduation events, heightening holiday parties, and, well, we think you get the point. Our goal is to provide short and sweet party planning ideas for saving time, not to mention, reducing overwhelm or stress.


Topics We Talk About

The party planning scene is always popping on the web. A quick search can bring you unlimited ideas that can make your life easier when it comes to planning parties, which is totally awesome. Our goal here is to contribute to the mix to keep the party going strong. Here’s a brief idea of what we like to talk about on the site:

  • How to plan simple parties with a not-so-simple-looking appearance and theme
  • Other colorful online resources for planning the best parties
  • Ways to spice up parties of all types, from graduations to outdoor parties
  • The best types of party rentals to have at your special events
  • How to make your holidays even more special
  • Places to find affordable, yet super cool party decorations
  • Awesome game ideas for kid’s parties
  • How to plan silent but deadly surprise parties

We know how busy life can be, and strive to create content that is short and sweet, and gets straight to the point. Sorta like a wannabe Pinterest. (hehe)